2014 API Clinical Quality

One of the goals of AxessPointe Community Health Centers is to continually work on reports about our clinic’s quality outcomes and improve on the ways we deliver care. We monitor outcomes related to chronic diseases states in our patients such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease.  We also monitor how well we implement screening and prevention for such things as tobacco use related diseases, depression, obesity (in all ages), asthma, and cancer.
In 2014, we reported positive trends in our outcomes in treating diabetes and preventing complications in coronary artery disease by maintaining those patients on evidence-based therapies.  We have also maintained a high percentage of children in our population who are current on recommended immunizations.  We continue to maintain high levels of education to patients related to tobacco cessation and weight control.
In 2015, AxessPointe plans to continue interventions to improve high blood pressure.  This includes appropriate medications and working with patients on weight control and tobacco cessation.  We are also working on improving our screening of cervical and colorectal cancer.  We are working increase our pap smears through our partnership with AxessPointe/Akron General Broadway Women’s Health.  We are also recommending more fecal occult blood testing (FOBT) for all patients over 50, a very easy and inexpensive way to screen the majority of patients for colorectal cancer.
Thanks for your interest in improve the quality of care at AxessPointe.