2.4 min readPublished On: September 1, 2022

Having open access to basic health needs and primary care services for all patients is AxessPointe’s mission. With the help of grants provided by Barberton Community Foundation and the Tuscora Park Health & Wellness Foundation, AxessPointe is able to provide those primary care needs to patients in Summit County and the counties surrounding it. The grant money will help to start the Patient Assistance Fund. The fund will play a role in eliminating the financial burden for those individuals that are underserved in the area. The goal of the fund is to never turn away a patient because of their inability to pay.

What are Primary Care Services?

Primary Care Services are described as having regular appointments with a healthcare provider. These regular appointments help to address any kind of heart disease, diabetes, or other health concerns that may arise amongst patients. Many Americans do not have access to their primary care services because of the cost that is associated with going to their regular appointments. AxessPointe is working to eliminate some of those costs by introducing the Patient Assistance Fund. The primary care services that will be provided through this fund include medical care, dental care, behavioral health counseling, and a pharmacy. These will all be available in one location for its patients.

Reducing Costs

By introducing the Patient Assistance Fund, AxessPointe will eliminate the financial burden that comes with paying co-pays for appointments and prescriptions. Through the help of Barberton Community Foundation and Tuscora Park Health and Wellness Foundation’s grants, it is expected that this fund will provide help to 15% of the patients in Summit County. This means that approximately 660 people will benefit from this fund and will have more access to primary care services. The fund will work to provide about $250 in assistance to each patient, allowing them to visit their providers without the worry or stress of paying the co-pay.

Additional Services

In addition to helping to reduce the cost of visiting your healthcare provider regularly, the Patient Assistance Fund will also help to eliminate the burden of getting the products needed to practice proper hygiene and other basic health needs. These products can include everything from food to shampoo and conditioner. These items also fall under the umbrella of basic health needs and will be provided to underprivileged individuals and families living within Summit County and surrounding areas.

AxessPointe is very lucky to have been provided the opportunity to help those patients that are more financially burdened within the Southern Summit County service area. As a part of their mission, AxessPointe believes that access to primary care services is a human right, and they work to never have to turn away a patient because of their inability to pay a co-pay. Thanks to Barberton Community Foundation and the Tuscora Park Health and Wellness Foundation, that basic human right will be much more attainable to those living in the Summit County area.