Health screenings are important for all family members of all ages, however, here at AxessPointe, we want to take a moment to focus on and educate on the importance of Women’s Health. With timely, effective and affordable health services for women of all ages, we can focus on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that could affect a woman’s emotional and physical well-being.  The most effective way to accomplish this is with comprehensive medical exams.

Comprehensive Medical Exams – typically include lab tests, chest x-rays, pulmonary function testing, audiograms, CAT scans, EKG’s, stress tests, vascular age tests, urinalysis, and mammograms. Most of these screening tests are age-specific and may not be needed every year. So over the next few weeks, we will break down these recommended health screenings by age-appropriate groups.

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Ages 18-39 Year’s Old – Recommended Health Screenings

Medical History – Your past and present family medical history can provide information that could be related to your own health.

Focused Check-up – This includes Height and weight, it is common for most health care providers to measure this at every visit.

Cholesterol Check – Complete a base-line in your twenties, those with normal results will be tested every four years after and those with risk factors will be tested annually. Upon the age of 35, all will be tested annually.

Blood Pressure – Complete a base-line at 21, if no concerns once every 5 years thereafter. However, it is common for health care providers will check your blood pressure during each visit.

Pelvic exam and Pap Test – Every three years starting at the age of 21 or if there are concerns and/or symptoms or once sexually active.

Full-body Skin Check – Complete a base-line in your twenties, to examine for skin lesions and/or suspicious moles and educate patients for monthly self-exams.

Breast Exam – Every 1-3 years check for lumps, and educate patients for monthly self-exams.

Influenza Vaccine – Discuss with your provider.

Pneumococcal Vaccine – Discuss with your provider.

Tetanus-Diphtheria Booster Vaccine – Every 10 years.

Dental – 1-2 times every year.

Vision – Start at age 20 – depending on if you currently wear contacts or eyeglasses and risk factors 1-2 years thereafter.

Mental/Behavioral Health Screening – Discuss with your provider.

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  • Comprehensive medical exams
  • Women’s well check
  • Gynecological examinations and treatments
  • STD checks
  • Gynecological problems
  • Menopause
  • Surgical evaluations and treatment
  • Behavioral health