2.6 min readPublished On: June 16, 2020

June is National Men’s Health Month!

Men's Health Month June is National Men’s Health Month! This month is celebrated across the country. It is a time to inspire men, boys and their families to practice and implement healthy decisions, such as exercising and eating the right food. It is also the time to increase the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection of disease among men.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, men in the United States, on average, die five years earlier than women. They are also more likely to die at higher rates from the three leading causes of death; heart disease, cancer and unintentional injuries.

Gentlemen, never disregard your health. Your family, friends and other loved ones are relying on you to stick around as long as possible.  Here are some things you can do this month to take care of yourself:

1. Get Physical!
The benefits of physical activity are endless. Regular physical activity can improve the overall quality of life by helping to relieve anxiety, tension and anger. Exercise improves blood circulation, lowers blood cholesterol levels and lowers blood pressure. It can also lower your risk of death from diabetes and sleep apnea. Make it your goal to raise your heart rate and get moving at least three to four times a week for at least 30 minutes. Rather than trying to exercise alone, try joining a recreation league at your community center, walk outside with your family, or sign up for personal training sessions. These suggestions may be simple, but we know they are not always easy. Take the first step to become a better you!

2. Get A Physical!
Men ages 19-21 should receive a physical every two to three years, men ages 22-64 should receive one every one to two years, and men over 65 should receive one once a year. Most causes that contribute to men’s shorter, less healthy lives are preventable, but studies show that men visit their primary care providers at a lower rate than women. Think of it this way: you know that your car needs its oil changed, tires rotated and other maintenance regularly. So, why not care for your body regularly as well? The medical exams suggested here will keep you a finely-tuned machine throughout your life.

Men's Health MonthNow, what can the rest of us do?
1. Whether you are representing your father, husband, friend, boss, or brother, show them you support their health by wearing blue on Friday, June 19th, during National Men’s Health Week! Take pictures of your blue outfit, post them on social media, and tag #MensHealthWeek.

2. Keep learning and asking questions. There are many resources available from www.menshealthnetwork.org, as well as from the CDC. At AxessPointe, we have caring, qualified, and passionate healthcare providers that are gladly accepting new patients each day. Encourage the men in your life to make an appointment with us to ensure they are receiving the quality care they deserve!