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I Need Medical Attention Without Insurance | What is A Federally Qualified Health Center?

This term refers to a community-based primary care resource for an underserved area. Federally qualified health centers receive funds from the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) and must meet strict standards. Most significantly, these centers must use a sliding-fee scale and serve under a governing board that includes patient representatives.

Federally qualified health centers often include a community’s homeless population, those in public housing and migrants, for example.

How Does a Sliding-fee Scale Work? Where Can I Go For Medical Care Without Insurance?

All federally qualified health centers must implement a system so as to not deny any patient service due to his or her inability to pay. If you have been looking for low-cost healthcare for uninsured, then you can feel confident in the care from AxessPointe Community Health Centers. A center’s specific sliding-fee scale must account for full discounts for patients at or below the most current Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) and no discount to those patients with annual incomes twice or above these guidelines.

Each federally qualified health center must set a fee or payment system for the distribution of care in alignment with rates characteristic of an area. Specifically, each center must implement a systematic discount program in accordance with an individual patient’s ability to pay for services.

Help! I Need A Pharmacy That Accepts Medicare

Our pharmacy accepts Medicaid and Medicare

How Can I Find Healthcare Near Me No Insurance? Reach Out to AxessPointe Community Health Centers

The uninsured and underinsured populations of Northeast Ohio have counted on AxessPointe Community Health Centers for quality no insurance health care since 1995. In fact, the professionals from AxessPointe Community Health Centers have been leaders ever since; the first location was the first federally qualified health center in Summit County. While the network’s focus has always been patients who lack insurance and those using Medicare or Medicaid, AxessPointe providers offer the same quality care to everyone in the Northeast Ohio community.

In addition to quality medical treatments, the AxessPointe Community Health Centers team takes great pride in offering reliable pharmacy services. Reach out to AxessPointe today to learn more about discount diabetic supplies, medication delivery, medication therapy management and so much more.

Have you been looking for Ohio uninsured health care? Though AxessPointe got its start in Akron, patients all over the Northeast Ohio community can take advantage of the quality care for which the network is known. AxessPointe Community Health Centers provides services across four convenient locations: Arlington, Barberton, Kent, and Portage Path. Download these forms and bring them with you to your first appointment. Same-day appointments are available to all AxessPointe Community Health Centers patients.

The network is a go-to resource for premier behavioral health services, dental care, women’s health treatment and more. Significantly, AxessPointe is a patient-centered medical home (PCMH). All locations operate under a healthcare delivery model that emphasizes patient-primary care provider coordination. This model focuses on communication and centers the patient and his or her health. Are you ready to take control of your health? If so, then connect with the dedicated providers from AxessPointe Community Health Centers today. Patients can call any location to set up an appointment.

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Schedule your appointment at any of our (Arlington, Barberton, Kent, and Portage Path) by calling 888-975-9188. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, most major private insurances and patients without insurance.

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