At AxessPointe Community Health Centers our services are patient centered and quality focused, resulting in improved patient health outcomes. We partner with community agencies to improve the ability of our patients to receive all the services available in our region to assist them in achieving their health goals.


A few tips to help you stay safe with your medications and prescriptions:

  1. Clean out your medicine cabinet
  2. Know your medicines
  3. Read medicine labels carefully
  4. Talk with your doctor or pharmacist before you begin taking a dietary supplement
  5. Organize your medicines
  6. Be extra cautious when there are changes in your medicine
  7. Communicate with your doctor or pharmacist! Ask any questions you have on your medications.
Our goal is to be your access point to improved wellness and optimal health. Our health team is available to help you become a healthier you, a person positioned to enjoy a life balanced with well-being and vitality.

Welcome to the AxessPointe and the healthier you!

Christopher J. Richardson, M.Ed., LPC, LICDC-CS
Chief Executive Officer