Reduced Rate Pharmacy

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The clinical pharmacist will:

  • Address any questions/concerns you have about your medications.
  • Ensure that you are taking only the most effective medications that are recommended for your health conditions by the latest national guidelines. ©Ensure that you are taking the right amount of medicine at the right time.
  • Help you find ways to save on your medications without affecting the quality of your care.
  • Check for drug interactions and side effects and help you avoid them.
  • Work with you and your doctor to ensure that you continue to receive the most effective and convenient medications.
  • Provide you with necessary information about your medications and disease states to help you get the most benefit from your medications. Ensure that your medications are listed accurately in our electronic medical records.
  • Provide you with a complete list of all your medications that you can share with other health care providers or use as a medication diary.

All identified drug problems and/or recommendations will be discussed with you, the Patient, and then will be forwarded to your doctor for review.